Redemption Bible Church is a church plant of Edgewood Bible Church.

The vision for a new, gospel-centered church in the community of Tehaleh began with a fly-over…

But actually, our story began in 2010, when Pastor Ryan Wood and his wife Amy began to sense God’s call to plant a church in Bonney Lake. At the time, Ryan was serving as an associate pastor at Edgewood Bible Church. With the full support and blessing of EBC leadership, Ryan and Amy, along with a team of committed families, were commissioned and sent out as church planters. In spring of 2011, the plant team began praying, training, and preparing to give birth to a new church—a church that would be a strong Gospel presence in the Bonney Lake area. On January 8, 2012, Redemption Bible Church held its first Sunday morning service at Liberty Ridge Elementary School.

RBC immediately began to grow in number while working to establish a core foundation of strong expository preaching, men’s and women’s Bible studies, and a gospel-saturated program for children and youth. We hit our first big obstacle in spring of 2012, when we were informed that we would not have access to Liberty Ridge Elementary for the summer months and would have to find a temporary location to meet.

The school district suggested we use Donald Eismann Elementary, which was located in the midst of the abandoned Cascadia housing project. The extensive property had just been purchased by the developers of Tehaleh, but at the time it was still empty land, and our first few Sundays felt like we were meeting in a ghost town. Security guards allowed us access through barriers erected to keep trespassers out of the bankrupt development.

Then, in the middle of our “summer in the ghost town,” the Lord showed what He was building up all around our new location. RBC held a special event—a church picnic at Thun Field with the theme “Come Fly with Me.” One of the members of RBC, who was also a pilot and flight instructor, rented a small Cessna and offered to take the church family for short 15 minute flights throughout the afternoon. By God’s providence, the path chosen for these flights took us right over what would become Tehaleh. God gave each of our church members a bird’s eye view of the land be prepared for new homes, the layout of the entire development, and just how large “Phase 1” of the community would be. We also from the sky our temporary meeting place--located right in the heart of this new community.

Following that special picnic it became clear that our inconvenient summer move was actually placing us strategically at the beginning and center of a new community for which RBC could become a Gospel light.

And so, our “temporary” meeting place became our permanent home, and RBC’s vision for a church in Tehaleh became a reality. We have had many opportunities for involvement and outreach in the community, including participation in the annual Harvest Festival where we have a booth and are responsible for directing parking, and setting up “warming stations” in the neighborhood each year on Halloween. Redemption Bible Church is thankful for the privilege and blessing of growing along with this beautiful community!

Since our beginnings, RBC has grown into a church where families find warm fellowship, sound Biblical teaching, and a chance to serve in meaningful ways. Through the lives being impacted in Bonney Lake, it is evident that God is at work in this effort. However, it is our prayer that our labor does not simply culminate in one new church family in Bonney Lake, but in the birth of several new churches throughout Pierce County and around the world. To this end, RBC leadership is actively training up men from within our church family, equipping them with preaching and leadership skills, trusting that God will use them to further the spread of the gospel through the planting of new churches.